Europe Trip 2.0

Europe Trip 2.0

So this past October my wife and I took a trip to Spain and Italy, we loved Rome so much we decided to go back just a year later.

We had tons of routs planned out before we finally decided on the final route, but my awesome wife found out my favorite band was playing in Spain, we we saw them on our first full day in Europe. We flew in and out of Munich and Frankfurt Germany but we visited Sevilla and Madrid Spain, and Rome Italy.

Lots more description on the photos


The band Mando Diao and my wife and I.

Jens, Daniel, Me, My Wife,  BijÖrn, CJ and Patt

Mando Diao is a rock band from Sweden and this gig was in their off season, I messaged the manager and was able to get backstage and shoot the band from the photo pit, then they got us on stage and I shot the rest of the set from stage left. They are one of the most successful bands in Europe, pretty huge, and it was a honor to see them, let alone get to meet them.

Bijorn from Mando Diao

After the show, we got walked back then found a bike share, so we rode the rest to our apt around 3:30 AM. I was a little worried about our safety at that time but the streets had people all around still hanging around from being out, it was the same in Madrid, all night people are out and about walking and the streets looked pretty full.

Plaza de España, where a part of star wars was filmed. I’m not a fan so not sure but I looked it up to make sure it wasn’t a lie.


Night scene by the Cathedral in Sevilla

Inside the Royal Alcázar of Sevilla, the gardens were amazing!

Mercado San Miguel, they market has everything! Tapas to seafood to anything!

San Gines Chocolateria, the churros and chocolate was perfect for a cool night out.  We actually went twice

El Retiro park in Madrid, the Central Park of Madrid.  We took a boat ride and lots of pictures, I highly recommend visiting if in Madrid

Our last stop was in Rome, we stayed at the same Airbnb as last year, it was that good of a spot that we had to do it again.

Almacri, our favorite restaurant in Rome is down the street, we went all 3 nights, and went to the market on the street for a new jacket and baked goods. Perfect Spot!

Our host even harassed a cleaning place that was about to close, to stay open and press our clothes for the next day. Alessandro is a great host!

In this photo i’m all dressed, in the last you’ll see why.

Castel Sant’Angelo, steps away from the Vatican, this place was pretty cool to visit.

The roman forum. We didnt go down and walk on the bottom but you can still see how huge everything is!

So I packed a nice shirt, my wife packed a dress for this! Carried it in our one bag all over Spain and it made it to Rome!

Last year we were supposed to take newlywed photos but the photographer shaded out on us. This year we got someone else and she was great!

Till next time!

We try to plan one big trip a year and this year should be an Asian country…I think.